JUICE’s 2011 Predictions: The Music Edition

For the music installment of our 2011 predictions, we figured who better to ask about future music trends than the purveyors of your dancefloor tunes. Read on as local DJ’s from Blink, Jerryca Misty and Xes Xes Loveseat, Oscar Wise and rapper Caprice weigh in on what we’ll be listening to in the coming 12 months.

The Tik Tok & Luna Tik
This will be the must-have accessory of 2011 for any Apple fan. From Chicago-based design company Minimal, this is a high-grade silicone rubber strap that clips onto your iPod Nano Touch, turning it into the coolest watch with a touch screen.

Civic duty
Civic Duty footwear is made of Tyvek, a comfortable, breathable material that is also water-resistant and highly durable. Most commonly used as a wrap to protect housing from the elements, it is also used on FedEx envelopes. The Tyvek has been pre-wrinkled to give the shoes a worn look right out of the box. It’s normal that over time, the colour of the shoe will fade, adding to the vintage look.

Pop is dance
As we all know, the music industry is constantly moving forward. Some rnb tracks are literally house tunes with added superstar vocals (read: Pitbull, BEP, Rihanna). Pop will keep becoming more dance, making electro and dirty Dutch sounds go mainstream, thereby pushing disco and French-touch sounds (that resurfaced nicely in 2010) back into the clubs.

iPhone Vs. Blackberry
I’m looking forward to the new iPhone; I’m a big gadget freak. I also heard that BlackBerry is coming up with a new Bold! I think it would be cool if Skype calls could be implemented in Blackberrys.

Diablo III
Game-wise, I predict a great year. I play a lot of games. 2010 was Call Of Duty Black Ops. 2011 is gonna be big for Diablo III. Diablo was insane back in the days of Battle.net.

Hip hop
Musically, Malaysian hip hop is gonna be back up in the industry. For me, I’m dropping my 1st ever album in March with a lot of surprises!

Laptop DJ
2011 will be the year where laptop-only DJs are finally accepted as real DJs. Even if they run Virtual DJ and use the sync button. The introduction of the VDJ7 makes it a serious DJ software, just like the level of difficulty that can be achieved running a 4-deck Traktor DJ software, all the effects plug-ins make it a very serious DJ tool, even if the DJ is not using a MIDI controller and not actually beat-matching anything.

The dubstep sound will venture into the post-dubstep era: a little bit more 4/4 and techno. The highest-ranked dubstep DJ on Resident Advisor’s Top DJs Of 2010 is Scuba, being described as “(that) you’re just as likely to hear him play house, techno and classic garage is the crux of his appeal”. The fact that the genre-defying Ramadanman got so huge in 2010 confirms this. Watch for a Shackleton revival in 2011.

Visuals in DJ and indie band shows
2010 saw visuals as an ever-permanent element in a DJ’s arsenal. AraByrd and Tenderfist had a specially commissioned visual show when opening for The Rapture while LapSap did their LitterAll visual show. Now for 2011, we’re predicting the infusion of avant-garde elements, art, poetry and spoken word, modern takes on classical dance and the works in a show. Cue the recently released F*ck Dance, Let’s Art: Sound From A New American Underground (K7!). Local band to watch: the hyper-idiotic Think! Tadpole! Think!

Tenderfist releasing an awesome EP and cracking Europe. The rumours have been going around for quite some time now that Tenderfist will release an EP pretty soon with a very limited press on vinyl. After which they’ll be signed by Sub Pop or Kitsune with a guest appearance by Ben Gibbard. Amen.

Local DJs learning how to play the keyboard
A vast number of local DJs will venture into production and realise the importance of playing the keyboard and having some basic understanding of music theory.

The return of house and hip hop
House music is gonna kick the scene once again, just like 10 years back when we had Kylie Minogue, Madonna, George Michael, etc. But it’s gonna be different; the tempo might be faster, there’ll be more trendy electro and dirty sounds, and you can probably hear some rap in it too. On the other hand, hip hop is gonna be big as well for 2011; no explanation for this, but hip hop is back!

60s fashion
Fashion was back to the 80s in 2010: tight jeans, leopard print, big shirts and jeans jackets influenced by pop star icons like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. The fun 60s are gonna hit the fashion scene again for 2011. We might see lots of Twiggys on the streets, Mary Quant mini-skirts and pantyhose.

Dutch is here to stay
The Dutch phenomenon is here to stay, whether it’s the bleeps or the new low and angry bassline-driven house tracks. The US embracing Dutch house has made the genre a commercial success, since it’s relatable to the simple beats and melody of a hip hop track. Some young Dutch producers that you’ll hear a lot in 2011 will be Sandro Silva, Apster, Gianni Marino and Dem Slackers. But not forgetting the edgier side, 2 of my favourite upcoming producers Gesaffelstein and Fat N Ugly. With big support from Tiga, Brodinski, Crookers, Style of Eye and Congorock, just to name a few, 2011 looks more than promising for these

Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below. Also be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of our 2011 predictions!