JUICE’s 2011 Predictions: The Fashion Edition

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It’s the new year! Instead of waiting to see what happens to us in 2k11, we here at JUICE had bigger plans. We’ve consulted the fashion gurus, DJs, producers and general mover and shakers here in KL to see what 2011 has to offer us. This edition we bring you 3 predictions from some of KL’s more fashion forward. Find out what you’re going to be wearing in the coming months….

Maxi dresses
If there’s one thing we’ll see in 2011, it’s definitely more maxi dresses-in all its forms: jersey, sheer and some with slits. Coverage is key!

70s silhouettes
70s-inspired silhouettes are making a comeback and the wide-leg trouser trend is once again appearing on designer runways in 2011.

High street
Fashion will move towards high-street retail chains rather than luxury brands. No doubt everyone wants to own something branded, but nowadays being fashionable is no longer about wearing expensive brands; it’s more about creative styles.

Going digital
Information is power and everyone is moving to a digital platform. We crave for faster information; hence, the digital medium will play an important role.

More creative events
Malaysians had a crash course in 2010 of music events, outdoor parties, etc. This year, we will have raves, concerts and parties that are more creative.


Matte nail polish
Matte is the new bling (you’ve seen ugly cars with a matte coating, perasan Batmobile), but this can only happen if someone can ship these lovelies in from the negara barats. As for me, I’m still waiting for my perfect 24K gold nail polish. If you have it, call me ♥♥♥.

People changing from Maxis to DiGi
In 2011, a legion of wide-eyed, money-saving Maxis rakyat will switch to DiGi because it’s “cheaper” and I think the phones can bayar ansur-ansur. They will also receive numerous miscalls due to bad coverage.

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