46 & 46-1 Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru, KL.
03 2283 5811

Saturday 20 June 2009 went down as one crazy day. In the run up to the Juice store opening, the buzz generated over Twitter and Facebook was nuts. The culmination of founders Edison and Kevin and Malaysia’s Edwin Choong (Sole What?) burgeoning friendship and shared interests, the stores opening was a big deal for 3 reasons: 1. the very guys that kickstarter the Hong Kong sreetwear scene, bad-boy Edison and Kevin were on hand to officiate; 2. suddenly we could getting our hands on previously hard to get streetwear labels; and 3. with Bangsar already a fashion hotspot for boutique trawling babes, finally it looks like the boys will be getting  their own back as streetwear and men’s fashion in particular makes in roads into the area.

Who Superstar Edison Chen and Kevin Poon came together to create the brand Clot in 2003 as a lifestyle biz with a focus in clothing (Clot apparel), music and artist management (Clot Media Division), Design, Consulting and PR (Clot PR) and Retail (Juice). The first Juice store was opened as a select shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and carries dope gear from all over the world to cater to HK’s urban fashion fans.
The pair team up with Sole What? mastermind and local counterpart Edwin Choong as a partner for Malaysia’s Juice KL. This sees Malaysia take lead with the 1st Juice store opened in SEA.

What Juice KL store is a 2-storey minimally-designed deal for that exclusive vibe. This is no bundle shopping yo. Fly tees and caps on the ground floor. Slick looking bags, more shirts and dope kicks on the floor above. This is no bundle shop, yo.

Store The store is designed by Linton Kwon from Hong Kong and uses wood, steel and glass as the essential building materials for the store’s no fuss look. The mirror on the ceiling creates a sense of space and LED lighting on the wood panelling on one side of the store spells out “sweet”. The overall effect is clean and minimal so all attention is focused on your experience and the merchandise.

Labels Read it and watch your bank manager weep, boys. Juice carries Adidas, HeadPorter, HeadPorter Plus, Kuumba, Medicom Toys, New Era, Nike, OriginalFake and of course their wn in house label Clot Apparel.

Where Premium real estate, right beside the Bangsar Baru McDonald’s.

Open Mon-Sun: 12pm to 9.30pm.

Parking It’s a trek to the top of the road but there’s parking at Bangsar Village I and II. Street side parking is elusive and depending on time of week and day is controlled by valets. You can risk the ire of a Bangsar homeowner and park alongthe streets of the neighbouring housing estates.  If all else fails, then conjure ‘The Secret’- imagine your dream spot and it will come true. Ahaks.

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