JUICE Xmas Wish No.2

Isn’t this the most useless invention ever? It doesn’t matter, because we will do absolutely anything for our furry feline pets. If you’ve read the fine, fine print in the bottom left of our Start page in JUICE mag, you’d know why this is in our list. Kitties deserve Xmas presents too okay?

Introducing the FroliCAT Bolt, a laser lightshow  machine to entertain cats. Normally people with hearts will actually do it themselves manually for the love of spending time with their cats but hey, some of you have better things to do right? This little laser machine is actually a finalist in this years Chicago’s Innovation Awards. Go figure!

Anyway check out the Youtube video below and see all those cats having so much fun. Awwww.


The FroliCAT BOLT is retailed at USD$17 at http://frolicat.com