JUICE x RWMF 2009 #4

The trip’s photos turned out to be from my camera phone. I’m gangsta like that. Anyways, this is where we spent most of last night’s Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 concert: right next to the Four Points bar with Adam from Zouk Malaysia, Fiona from Talent Hub, Arabyrd’s manager and mum Magie Abang Saufi, songstress Camelia, a belly dancer, Celcom’s General Manager Product Marketing Roberto and a whole bunch of eclectic others. They keep popping up. We were at the right spot – overlooking a river, big screen projection, next to the bar and food and proper table and chairs. The good life.

When I got there, the area around the concert stage was sardine packed. This being my 3rd time at RWMF, I have to say, the head count this year may have broken all records. People were everywhere! Opening act, Asika rocked the crowd and on hindsight would have made a fitting closer for their showmanship. If there was one bugbear this would have been it : flow.

Over on the over side of the venue, I was propping up the bar. Beer, sparkling red wine, Long Island Tea, a weak Mojito, tuak and more beer – you can imagine how I feel as I write this…. It wasn’t even over when it was over as the rest of us headed to the Bidayuh Longhouse where the party went on until 2am. Dropping everything from Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’ to techno remixes of the Chicken Little soundtrack and Crazy Frog…. Oh boy!

I bid goodnight to everyone and go to sleep feeling hungry. It’s Sunday now and since I missed breakfast I’ve had t order a room service Beef Burger. This is my last day in Sarawak. Dang. Don’t want this to end!