JUICE x RWMF 2009 #2

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Sorry for a bad camera phone snap, but you can juts about make out the stage and the people on the 1st night of Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 at the Sarawak Cultural Village yesterday. It rained in the evening, so it was another mudfest like last year. Still, everyone was there to just enjoy the moment. The vibe and spirit was still alive.

This year there’s a lot of difference with the inclusion of sponsor XPax: fewer food stalls, a champagne bar and something definitely welcomed by all: more platforms for people to sit and watch the show. In addition, everyone was given a face mask at the entrance for safety measure.

Last night’s performance was a little weak. There wasn’t enough up-tempo stuff to keep the crowd on its feet and in the mood. Let’s hope it’s different tonight. Fortunately JUICE has tuak and Heineken, which ought to keep us jolly the whole evening. Oh, and the ayam penyet was dope.

For those coming for Day 2 of RWMF, welcome and have a good one! Head over for the workshops if have time too. See you there!

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