JUICE x RWMF 2009 #1

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Hello hello. Kevin reporting from Sarawak for Rainforest World Music Festival 2009! Just touched down, sat in a van for over half an hour, registered at Santubong Resort and now resting up at Damai Puri Resort & Spa. The venue for RWMF is right outside our hotel! 5 minutes walk. The pix above is the view from my room. There’s free wifi until check-out date, so we’ll keep you updated. Keep your twits on for @JuiceMy too!

Peep the lobby view of the beach! Sweeeet!

Oh, and check out what Heineken gave us media peeps!

Never too late to be safe yo.

To those who are in Kuching already, have a great time tonight and be safe! I’ll see you at Sarawak Cultural Village soon enough! Keep your eyes peeled here. There’s no 3G here, otherwise I’d give you live twits on the spot. Booo.

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