JUICE rocks up Jakarta with Joe Flizzow and DJ Cza

So JUICE decided to hit up Jakarta with Joe Flizzow, DJ Cza and YZ International’s Yaniz for the weekend. Both boys had been invited to perform at two Trigger Production events, and so JUICE gets in on the action. So we got off our KLM flight and waited at KFC for our ride. Man, the hustling and bustling in Jakarta is crazy! And JUICE can confirm the legendary rumours – Jakarta’s traffic jams are killa. Once we checked into Atlet Century Hotel, we went straight to Equinox for the boys’ sound check. After a speedy sound check, we braved the rainy weather back to the hotel for a late dinner, and off we go. Show time!

Located at Senayan Plaza, the club looks good. Entry to R&B, hip hop club Equinox is through the trance side of the club downstairs. To celebrate Trigger Production’s 4th Anniversary, MC Mistah of Diplomats International, DJ Ethnic, new Trigger DJ w.W and Australia’s Mike Hyper showed Jakarta what it’s all about, alongside our KL boys. And it looks like we have more in common with our friendly neighbours than just the border – the club scene here starts after midnight too.

Cza stood his ground on the decks at the very high console while Joe commanded the crowd. When the duo performed ‘Bergerak’, which is the Malay version of ‘Tear It Up’, the crowd went wild, especially as Joe called out to peeps in the crowd who are from “Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Singapura.”

The crowd at Equinox was wild and despite the variety of the hip hop DJs of the night, everyone was friendly, and definitely less uptight than KL. We got a taste of partying Jakarta-style, and it felt like a deliciously never-ending episode. With Jakarta 1 hour behind KL, we were wildin’ out until 5am. Woah!

After a hard night of partying, JUICE crashed hard until about 2pm the next day. Jakarta really knows how to party! The day went by easily enough with everyone catching up or visiting friends. We went to the malls nearby – FX Mall, Senayan Plaza and Senayan City. JUICE writer Kevin Yeoh tried his first ever Krispy Kreme and drooled at the sight of MOS Burger, but didn’t have enough time or space in his tummy for that. We were impressed by the food courts in Senayan City that are well-organised. Just get a card to swipe your orders, and pay as you exit. There’s even a ‘velvet rope’ at the payment counter, a smoking area for cancer sticks indulgences, and beer is allowed! Sweet.

After a chilled out day, the troupe gathered again and met up for the night’s show. We headed over to Pure Bar, which is a rotating restaurant/bar on the 36th floor. It wasn’t moving at the time we got there, but the view is mad dope. The venue is in the shape of a donut, so you can’t really see what is happening unless you move to the DJ console. The itinerary included a bartending competition, but we had no idea what went on because the female MC, apparently a radio DJ, talked way too much and delayed Cza’s set. Tsk tsk.

We could see it was a tough crowd to pull and didn’t keep our expectations too high. We guessed it was more of a pre-party venue, but the next thing you know, it was 4 in the morning.

Jakarta has been good to us. It has been humid, but the food, company and new friendships we forged made it more than just bearable. Aww… And with the memory of Jakarta that was way dope, we headed back to home sweet home on Sunday.

(Funny story on the way back: This kid was kicking the back of our seat in the plane, so JUICE told the kid’s mum to have her child sit still. She asked us to tell the kid instead because he won’t listen to her. Great parenting. Geez.)

JUICE was in Jakarta with Joe Flizzow, DJ Cza and YZ International from 27 March to 1 March. Much thanks to YZ International and Trigger Production for taking care of us and showing us the love. We love you too!

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