JUICE Make Us Over

After 7 years of bringing the best of street culture, music and all that is cool and against the grain to Malaysia, JUICE gives our cover over to some friends. Here’s one they made earlier.

Ethan Chu (Unpredictable Fashionis-Star)

“The cover design represents club kids. Clubkids tend to be freaks in a way, but it’s just a costume after all. (This picture) sums it all – funny, silly and freaky. JUICE is the only mag to dig out music from graveyards, attend drag costume parties and meet hungover artists. A true fashionista that never fails to deliver good content even after a drunken night. Shut up, you are a rock star! And you’re only 7?”

Ahda (Defy Art Provocativator)

“The cover design is represented by juices (that are) always associated with ‘freshness.’ The vibrant variety of information in JUICE is showed through the variant flavours. The hands are rendered with different kinds of accessories such as tattoos and armbands to represent the different types of JUICE readers. Raised fists are visually associated with revolution, uprising or political movement. No matter who they are or what they believe in, they are all united in one common interest.”

Stephen Lau (Jam Division Design Aficianado)

“The concept behind this artwork relates to music. It’s a vinyl surface design, entitled “7”. Perhaps it’s time to release a timeless and collectible special issue of JUICE magazine?”

Lim Kok Kean (Twilight Desk Destroyer)

“This cover pays homage to a very popular Ramones t-shirt design but with the TAG touch. Our mysterious design guru ‘blkstr’ came up with the concept. We’re happy to say JUICE is part of our extended family, supporting us from our very beginning, coming to our nights from Bar Amber to The Loft, now Barsonic and probably ’till kingdom come! Thank you for all the messy memories and happy anniversary!”

CUM (Creative United Movement)

“A magazine that represents urban Malaysian lifestyle – happenings, events, music, arts and designs is what JUICE is about. JUICE would not be where it is today if it weren’t for the support of Malaysian youth. This design is a dedication to every JUICE reader. The world is our canvas!”

Shieko (Graphic Artist)

JUICE is like Pop pop… it’s fun, handy and contains all the minerals you need.”

Manos Turbo (The 30 Artist)

“Mine is an image of a blender. You smell it in the sweat of people stumbling through the smoke, lights and sounds. This is JUICE from the pulp of urban restlessness.”

Mun Kao (Agitator + Artist)

“Abalone, or Bao Yu is a highly prized delicacy savoured mostly during festivities and celebrations, especially during Chinese New Year. It also holds a special place in Chinese cuisine for its representation of wealth and riches. That is also how I feel about JUICE.”