JUICE KL Store Launch @ Bangsar

Another hot Saturday in KL, but that didn’t stop the legion of Edison Chen-loving and street culture fashion fans from turning up like an army at Bangsar Baru’s McDonald’s. We were there by noon, but it wasn’t for the burgers. There for a media preview of the JUICE store and the 1st round interview sessions with Air of Dudesweet/Bangkok Post together we were waiting for Edison, Kevin Poon, Clot’s big cheese and Sole What?’s Edwin Choong. And there was a lot of waiting. Good thing the store had it’s own Hennessy mini bar….

Chilling out inside the store, glass in hand it was a frenzy of screams that alerted us to the fact that the stars had arrived. As they were sneaked up to the 1st floor, we were given instructions on our interview sessions. It was a war out there and this was one helluvan operation with some seriously tight security. Escorted up, Edison Chen, Kevin Poon and Edwin Choong were seated conference-style ready to reveal all about the store and brand.

Our bit done, we nipped downstairs again while awaiting for the remaining interviews to end before the official launching. The lion dance troops signaled the start of the event but it was when Edison stepped out to cut the ribbon, and raise a glass of champagne to toast the new store that the crowd went nuts. Folks were seen climbing atop cars to catch a glimpse of the star and cameras and handphones flashed in anticipation of that sought after shot.

As celebrities and friends of celebrities buzzed about, Edison made a quick exit but Bangsar never looked hotter and we ain’t talking about the weather. Already mophed from past-it club and bar hangout to buzzing boutique strip, Edison Chen’s presence appears to be doing much to raise the street and fashion cred of the area. Critics are predicting that given the attention being given to the store, it’s a do or die situation for the venture and its partners, but it’s early days yet. All we can say is that we hope the opening heralds more opportunities for streetwear brands and men’s lines here in Bangsar.

Congrats JUICE KL from JUICE!

Here’s a video found on YouTube on the launch.


The JUICE KL store launch in Bangsar was held on Saturday 20 June. The store is located at 46 & 46-1 Jalan Telawi 6, Bangsar Baru. Go peep it or you can head over to www.clotinc.com for more info!
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