Green Light: Stella McCartney

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If JUICE was a girl, she would want to be Stella McCartney and not just because she is the daughter of music legend Sir Paul McCartney and noted photographer Linda (although that’s nice too), it’s because she is one kick-ass chick who, despite her fame and fortune, has chosen the path that fuzzy animals aren’t afraid to thread after.

Ever since she was a wee lady, Stella always had a knack for fashion and already at the age of 12, was dabbling with fine fabrics, cutters and a sewing kit. The young, love of Paul’s life (sorry it’s not you Heather), honed her design skills further when she worked in various distinguished fashion houses like Chloe, Gucci and great collabs with Adidas, LeSportsac and H&M.

In 2001, young McCartney ventured out and started her own self-named fashion empire. Although she is best friends with the fur-clad Kate Moss, she is a strict vegetarian, doesn’t use fur or leather in her designs and is a firm supporter of PETA. Some of the 37-year-old’s designs have tags in them that elaborate her stance. For example, the sleeve of her Adidas collab jacket reads “suitable for sporty vegetarians”. So great is her influence that papa McCartney, late mummy and ex-stepmother Heather Mills are also animal rights activists – now, if only friends Kate Moss, Madonna and Naomi Campbell would follow suit.

In 2007, Stella added another good deed into her books when she launched her own cosmetic brand called CARE by Stella McCartney. The line with 100% organic and active ingredients includes a complete range of skincare products from a cleansing milk to a toning floral water. All products are ecologically sound, has no petrochemicals or chemical preservatives. From the ingredients used, the process of making it, even the packaging, sticks true to the environmental guideline and to prove it, CARE is certified by ECOCERT -  an inspection and certification body accredited to verify the conformity of the organic products against the organic regulations of Europe, the US and Japan.

For more info about Stella McCartney’s design range, log on to or for her CARE by Stella McCartney line, click on

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