JUICE Curates: ‘大学生活很浪漫’ by Sudarshan

source: Sidarshan

大学生活很浪漫 by Sudarshan
This DJ set is made up of some songs which I enjoy and have found through the internet. It features the works of talented EDM artistes from Malaysia and around the globe. I rarely hear them when I go out clubbing and so hope that this vibe will catch on. Some of these tracks were uploaded to YouTube without crediting the artistes. Assistance in identifying these tracks would be much appreciated, but most importantly, remember to let loose and dance to this DJ set. I hope you like it as much as I do!

01. Unknown Artist – Cincang Keling (House Mix)
02. Adik Wani – Negro
03. Unknown Artist – Huang Hun Techno
04. Unknown Artist – 大学生活很浪漫 (University Life Is Very Romantic)
05. Unknown Artist – 一炮打你到天亮 (A Load Last Overnight)
06. Epaksa – 李博士  トロットメドレー (2001-)
07. Epaksa – キム・ミョンジュン  アッサ大爆発ディスコ (1995-)
08. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Na Xaniseka (I’m Suffering)
09. Busy Signal – Launch It Out
11. Ove Naxx – 100 Man
12. Darkkey – Police
13. Unknown Artist – Happy Birthday Techno Remix
14. Unknown Artist – Hava Nagila Trance
15. DJ Antitiesto – Wanked On the Moon (Splittertone Break Mix)
16. Passenger Of Sh!t – Sh!t F*cking My Vagina (with Blue Pony)
17. D4NNY – Goodbye