JUICE Curates: ‘Club Ride’ by Night Dives

source: Night Dives

‘Club Ride’ by Night Dives
My friends and I usually like to sing along to old r’n’b songs during late night car rides or whenever we are hanging out. I remember we were at a BBQ party once and after a couple of beers, someone mentioned that somebody should throw a classic r’n’b club night. So that was the vibe I’m trying to capture at the beginning of the mix. All the good vibes and good times shared.

As the mix progresses, it goes into tracks that I would play at a club or tracks that I would want to go crazy to on a loud sound system.

01. Mariah Carey – Voice message to fans 12_1 #mc20
02. Next – Too Close
03. TLC – Baby Baby Baby
04. Mary J Blige – Family Affair
05. Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman
06. Mark Morrison – Return of The Mack
07. Jhene Aiko – From Time (Total Freedom Chop 4 Jesse)
08. Ciara – Body Party (DJ Mike D Remix)
09. Busta Rhymes – What’s It Gonna Be!? Feat. Janet Jackson (Celestial Trax Remix)
10. Rushmore – Paladium
11. Imaabs – Grafito
12. Night Dives – Back Trakk
13. Victoria Kim x Divoli S’vere – Gold Chains
14. DJ Delish – Piano Rage
15. Ouanounou – Lick It
16. Cirqa – Stop Callin’
17. Helix – Bring It Up Down
18. DJ Lil Jay x KW Griff – How You Like Me Now (Night Dives Edit)
19. Rod Lee – Let Me See What You Workin’ With