JUICE Curates: ‘CYAN’ by Fatim

source: Fatim

Image Shafiq Noh

CYAN by Fatim
Deep, dark atmospherics with heavy bass weight and percussion sounds. This mix includes some of my favourite old and new tunes from record labels that I always look up to. Also includes tracks from local producer Kain [Akhyla] and Naz [Phyla] from Singapore.

Massive shout out to Anowl [Resistive], ATTAGIRL!, Akhyla, and the Phyla crew for the love and support I received this year.

And thanks JUICE. Enjoy! <3

01. Killawatt – Too Early [Osiris]
02. Zhou – I Remain [Punch Drunk Records]
03. Kromestar & Jay5ive – Words [DEEP MEDi Musik]
04. Peverelist – Clunk Click Every Trip [Punch Drunk Records]
05. Jack Sparrow – Pula Riddim [DEEP MEDi Musik]
06. Piezo – Blaster [Subaltern Records]
07. Keeyushee & Kain – Hiten Mitsurugi [Akhyla]
08. Taiko – Nooka [Subaltern Records]
09. Kain – Headlock [Akhyla]
10. Piezo – Antelope Swing [Subaltern Records]
11. TMSV – Guillotine [Artikal Music UK]
12. NAZ – Ge-nin [Qilin Music]
13.Amit – Color Blind (feat. Rani) [Metalheadz]
14. Breakage – Together (feat. David Rodigan) [Digital Soundboy]
15. Magnetic Man – Flying Into Tokyo [Columbia]