JUICE Curates: ‘Crossing Asia’ by Phon.o (50Weapons / BPitch Control / Tectonic)

Returning to this part of Asia again, this time around Phon.o’s got more than just a regular club night as a platform to educate locals on the Berlin scene and techno in general. As part of CLUB Berlin’s programme, he’s also scheduled to tutor an Ableton Live/DJ Music Production Workshop in addition to a DJ gig. But before all that, this Berlin transplant passes us a hefty one-hour-long mix that encompasses more than just the techno soundscape Berlin-based DJs are expected to play as a taste of what’s to come at CLUB Berlin.

Stream the mix below:

01. Dave Aju – Boom Yeah
02. Alex Coulton – Direction
03. Answer Code Request – Reflected
04. Kero & Gotshell – Perindsor
05. Boxwork – Remember The Freak
06. Special Request – Reset It
07. Formally Unknown – Rollin
08. Benton – Brian
09. Leonce – Flight Risk
10. Walton – Wrench
11. Phon.o – Bell Blender
12. C++ – Bounce Track
13. 2 Bad Mice – Limit Of Paradise
14. Addison Groove – Allaby
15. Cherriep – Get In To It
16. Boxwork – Hot Wheels
17. Phon.o – Run
18. Martyn – Jah Bedouin
19. Phon.o – Fractions

Presented by Goethe Institut Malaysia and Detour Asia, Phon.o will make an appearance at CLUB Berlin @ 2 Hang Kasturi from 17 to 20 January ’17. The free Ableton Live/DJ Music Production Workshop (RSVP here) is from 17 to 19 January, happening from 7pm to 10pm on each day. Meanwhile, his DJ gig is on 20 January, starts at 10pm with a cover fee of RM25.

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