JUICE Curates: ‘3 x 3 = *’ by AH E

AH E is a mystery. There is no online audio distribution platform under his – her? Zir? Theirs? Its? Pronouns fail the entity known as AH E – name, and Googling would only render the mystique stronger. The author of this little description could be AH E for all you, we, she, he, ze know(s), but this much is certain; this month’s mix is a geographical one.

Revolving around Japan’s glitch and IDM scenes, ‘3 x 3 = *’ is a collection of tracks that would ideally mathematically define the genres enough for listeners to get it. But 3 x 3 isn’t *.

01. Mergrim – Arch feat.Luca Luca Don Chikku
02. N-qia – Shake
03. Fugenn & The White Elephants – Water Castle
04. Aoki Takamasa – Rn5-09
05. Ametsub – I Am Not Into It If You Are In
06. Nyolfen – Req_I
07. world’s end girlfriend – Singing Under The Rainbow
08. Geskia – 2 Hour/Seahoses

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