JUICE 7th Birthday Party Is Tomorrow!!

You got your neons and sunnies ready? It’s gonna be an off the hook Friday night tomorrow when JUICE 7th Birthday party takes place at Euphoria with some of the hottest acts in town. With the theme ‘Future So Bright’, you’re in for a wicked night. Joey G will be on hand as MC because we love him so. Let’s tear the roof off this sucker.

You’ll be served with performances from  Mr. Fluff, Eclectic Botz, Foulworks and Victor G. There’s going to be an Adidas Originals walk off styled by Ethan Chu aka illKiDD and you know when he’s onboard, it’s going to be something unexpected. Speaking of unexpected, the pressies we’re giving out are crazy! That’s not all. We got something extra special for you. We won’t tell you what it is because we’re a tease. You got to be there to witness the fitness.

The 1st 500 at the door get 2 drinks, and the 1st 300 get a JUICE goodie bag thrown in on top. Make sure you’re 18 years old and above to enter, otherwise the club will kick you out, mkay? We’re super excited to see you at Euphoria. Bring great energy and colours – the way JUICE likes it! Make sure you register and print your invites out! www.juiceonline.com/7thanniversary.