J&T Apologises For “Violent Sorting of Packages” Incident, Says It Was A Misunderstanding About Pro-Rated Bonuses

(source: FMT)

Yesterday (7 Feb), workers from the Perak J&T Express (J&T) logistics company apologised for throwing the packages around, according to NST.

In a statement of apology, the seven workers appeared in a 57-second video uploaded on J&T Express Malaysia-Perak’s Facebook page and described what happened as “violent sorting of packages”.

“We want to clarify that there is no action involving a strike here. Once again we apologise for affecting the name of the company and the goods of Malaysian customers. We will do our best to process and deliver customers’ packages as soon as possible,” one of the workers said.

Besides that, J&T also apologised on another matter of other logistics workers that were stealing food and drinks from packages. The company then admitted this is an error in the management for hiring temporary workers and provided simple training, as they needed to handle the high-volume of packages during MCO.

Watch their apology here:

ICYMI, Malaysian social media was ablaze with videos of what looked like protesting and rioting happening at a J&T Malaysia warehouse over the weekend. Clips could be seen of workers throwing parcels, while the apology above addressed a video which showed mountains of undelivered parcels and unloaded delivery trucks.

The issue appears to have come from a change in the commission system, which allegedly drastically reduced the earnings of delivery riders.

Addressing the salary cut allegations, J&T posted up a statement on its official Facebook saying, “J&T will not deduct or owe employees a penny of wages, and hereby declare that we are willing to accept the supervision and inspection by the public and institutions”.

The post also wrote,

“For employees who have worked for less than a year, bonuses are paid according to the length of working time without prejudice. Unfortunately, certain employees are not clear about the bonus payment scheme which led to violent sorting of packages on 4 February, inciting some employees to make collective disturbances, and posting the videos to social media”.

Read the full text here:

Initially, many netizens were on the workers’ side, but after finding out that the reason for the unruly incident was due to a misunderstanding about pro-rated bonus payouts (something that should be common knowledge to every working adult), it seems that support is dying down.

Let’s take a look at some of the other reactions from Malaysians who viewed issue differently:


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