Joy Orbison: Mailroom DJ


It pays to have a cool Uncle, especially when he’s into jungle and UK garage. Such was the case for 22-year old Pete O’ Grady (aka Joy Orbison). As one of UK’s hottest dance music producers, it’s strange that he still works in a mailroom, saying he prefers music to be a relief from work, rather than work itself.

DJing since the age of 13, beginning with Fruity Loops-crafted 8-bar grime tracks, his sound now is a coalescence of dubstep, funky house, jungle and garage, reflecting the evolution of British dance. And if you haven’t heard his debut single ‘Hyph Mngo’, then you have yet to experience the most buzz-worthy, game-changing dubstep release of last year. With tender basslines, hypnotic breakbeats and choppy vocals, it’s emotional electronic music for the dancefloor. And how can you not love a DJ that cites My Bloody Valentine and The Beach Boys as influences?

Listen to ‘BRKLN CLLN’ (Hotflush/Doldrums) and spread the joy at