Journal Biking Red Boiled Cardigan


We don’t even know what the fuck a boiled cardigan is, but who cares?! Aside from the fact that it looks kind of like a varsity/bomber jacket, the major flex move would be correcting your friends who think that this is a varsity/bomber jacket with the words, “No dude, this is a boiled cardigan.” Boom. You just won the internet. But honestly though, it is a sick cardigan. Journal makes dope low key subtle yet luxe garments and this is one of the main examples of their work. Featuring boiled wool, mock collars, ribbed knit, and elasticated detail on collar, cuffs, as well as hem in either black or red (in accordance to the cardigan’s colour), this piece, like all Journal pieces, ain’t big on shouting out about their products. Instead, they let its minor detailing and pristine workmanship speak for themselves. Definitely a perfect piece to be topped off with a white linen tee, black skinnies, and ridiculously expensive minimal sneakers.

What else more do you need to think about? Just head on over here for the red one or here for the black one.