Josh Wink @ Poppy Collection

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Image Trend Matrix + Tuborg

It was a rainy night. In fact, every night that week had been rainy. But no amount of Adam’s ale could stop JUICE from attending Josh Wink’s session at Poppy. Arriving
before midnight, the crowd was just building up and the natives were restless – most were on their handphones, probably harrying their friends to hurry up.The 38 year old DJ from Philadelphia was a god in the American rave scene during the early 90s, so it was obvious he had a lot of expectations to fulfill. Coming on promptly at midnight, much to the pleasure of the crowd, strobe lights started blazing and Tuborg beer bottles went up. We were expecting Mr Wink to kick start things with a bang, but he took a subtler approach. His deliberate minimalism took a while to build up, but a few easy-opening-beer-caps later and the dance floor was packed, girls were grinding and the podiums were filled. By the time ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ came on, the crowd had already put on wings and gone to techno heaven.

JUICE caught up with the man after the show to congratulate him on his set and query him on his on future plans. The vegan DJ gave us a huge warm smile and told us that he would be back here at least on a yearly basis. Apparently, he loves KL! The rain stopped when we heard this. God just might be a fan too…. J

Josh Wink elevated KL to a Higher State of Consciousness on October 16 at Poppy Collection. Get more Winks at

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