Jon Hopkins: Synthesised

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Jon Hopkins brings us on board his forthcoming LP Immunity with the release of his first single, ‘Open Eye Signal’. Having had an early fascination with synthesisers, Hopkins’ new single is, naturally, made entirely based on expiremental and synthesiser-oriented styles.

The same pretty much goes to the whole record as Hopkins’ takes us on a trip through his mind using analogue synthesisers alongside manipulations of physical, real-world sounds to make dance music feel as natural and unforced as possible.

The video of ‘Open Eye Signal’ features a city kid bringing viewers on a journey on his skateboard. Although he looks like he’s running away from all of life’s problems, the video carries a very calm yet dull aura throughout the whole 8 minutes.

Could Hopkins be the next Brian Eno reviving the old glorified fame of ambient music? We don’t know, but we sure are aware that Jon Hopkins is doing a pretty good job at it.

Immunity is slated for a 3 June 2013 release worldwide. For more details, check out Jon Hopkins’ official website, ‘Like’ his Facebook page or ‘Follow’ his Twitter page (@Jon_Hopkins).

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