Joker Directs Modest Mouse Vid For Whales

This long-awaited Modest Mouse video was directed by the late Heath Ledger. ‘King Rat’ was recently released and it’s true testaments of Heath’s clear stance against commercial whale hunts.


It uses a rough animation touch to show the painful cost of commercial whale hunts. According to The Masses website, it was Heath’s intention to raise the awareness on this issue. Heath didn’t manage to finish the video when he passed away in January 2008, but Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock gave his blessing to have The Masses finish the video and see Heath’s big hearted vision through.

This brilliant ‘King Rat’ video is co-directed and illustrated by Daniel Auber, animation by Norris Houk and Jade Taglioli with producer Sara Cline of The Masses. Proceeds for the first month’s iTunes video download goes to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. So check it here but please do go get it permanent style for your iPod straight after. The whales will thank you. As will Heath. Bless his soul.

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Source The Masses