johnnie walker’s got Kimi Raikonnen’s boots!

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If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to be in a F1 racer’s shoes, stop wondering and get crunk. Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit VIP Contest is giving you the chance to win a pair of Kimi Raikonnen’s limited edition racing boots. Not only that, but good ol’ JW is practically chucking out passes and invites to their ridiculously exlusive Paddock Club at the Sepang International Circuit, their Gala Party, their Paddock Party, Garnet and Diamond Stand tickets, autographed Team Johnnie Walker gear, and 4.5 litre bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label. That’s a panda butt-sized amount of stuff to be given away spread out between just 3 prizes, no? Log onto the website and find out how you can walk away with all that swag under your undeserving armpits and don’t forget to tell them JUICE sent you!