Johnnie Walker: Stepping Inside the Psyche of the Ambassadors

source: Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker, the world renowned brand of blended Scotch whisky, was originally known as Walker’s Killme Whisky and sold by a farm boy named John Walker nearly 200 years ago. From being displayed on shelves of a small grocery store in Kilmarnock, to being sold in almost every country with yearly sales of over 130 million bottles. This brand sells more than whisky, it also sells a story of hard work and determination. Johnnie Walker found two young men who are fit to be ambassadors of Johnnie Walker as their own personal stories further complement the story behind the multinational brand.

Quek Shio Chuan
source: Quek Shio Chuan

“One of the sweetest feelings to me is the able to look back and witness progress in your current self in all aspects. With this Step Inside the Circuit Lounge campaign, I hope that my future steps and films serve as an example to the younger generation (especially filmmakers) to remember that every little step taken ensures progress – Keep Walking and you will eventually get there.”

Originating from a small, rural town, just as John Walker himself, Quek now resides in the city after graduating from University Tunku Abdul Rahman with an honours degree in broadcasting under his belt. Upon graduating, his first short film entitled Guang won him multiple awards internationally. That accomplishment propelled him into his commercial making career, as big names such as Petronas, Nissan and Samsung were impressed by the work he produced. Pushing himself harder, he worked alongside Petronas to produce a Chinese New Year themed web-film titled Young Hearts, which raked in an impressive number of over 2 million views in less than a fortnight. A firm believer in self progress, Quek is constantly looking for new and unique opportunities to inspire his work.

Harvee Kok
source: Harvee Kok

“It’s not easy being a young designer, especially in Malaysia, and I sometimes feel a struggle to get people to understand my work. But it is these challenges that keep me focused on the path to success, and with the same determination echoed by Johnnie Walker’s philosophy to “Keep Walking”, I hope to inspire other young designers to do the same.”

From the very young age of 11, unlike most boys, Harvee had aspired to be a fashion designer. He completed a degree in business administrations and worked in our neighbouring country, Singapore, for 3 years before deciding it was time for him to chase his childhood dream. Following his decision, he enrolled in Raffles College of Higher Education in Kuala Lumpur, where he honed his designing skills. His exceptional talent was finally recognised when he won the renowned Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation Fashion Award.  Harvee’s next aim is to create a brand new fashion experience, open the minds of the public and influence the way they view the world.

These two young men achieved their stature by hard work, determination and self-belief. These are the similar traits that the man behind the remarkable brand, John Walker possessed. In his own words, Keep Walking!

Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit Lounge, officially endorsed as the Official Malaysian Grand Prix Lounge Party, is slated to be held on Saturday 29 March ’14. Keep yourself updated on the venue by logging on to