Johnnie Walker In Responsible Drinking Pact

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Three days ago, something awful happened at the condo carpark where my mother stays. The guards found a man who died from a horrifying freak accident – caused by drunk driving. He drove home drunk, was trying to adjust his car within a parking spot that had a pillar on his right. He stuck his head out of the window so he could see where he was reversing but didn’t realise that his stick was still in Drive. Suffice to say, he accelerated forward and his neck snapped when his head was slammed against the pillar. So I found it beyond coincidental that 3 days later  I am here at the Johnnie Walker ‘Join The Pact’ official announcement on a Monday morning. A sign, maybe?

The story I just written may be too gruesome for most of you to read, but that is the awful truth about drinking and driving. The practice may be so rampant that I suspect everyone has a drunk driving story. Even I’ve experienced having a drunk friend drive me home only to have him crash into a drain and my head (I stupidly wasn’t wearing a seatbelt) slam into the windscreen. We were both came out with minor injuries but we realised you can’t always be this lucky.

The Join The Pact Never Drink And Drive Campaign was launched for the first time here in Asia yesterday with Frederic Noyere (Managing Director of Riche Monde Malaysia), Ashu Kaul (Marketing Director, Diageo Brands, MD Singapore and Malaysia) and Hemanth Jayaraman (Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker Malaysia ) together with local celebs Henry Golding, Reshmonu and Daphne Iking, all of whom pledged to never drink and drive.

Former F1 champ Mika Hakkinen, who is the Johnnie Walker Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador, will be here September 12 and 13 to raise awareness on the importance of having designated drivers and will reward 5 Johnnie Walker pledgers with an exclusive ride as Mika’s co-pilot in the Johnnie Walker Join The Pact Supercar on the Sepang track. The Join The Pact Supercar is a high performance 2-seater, capable of reaching over 330 km/h. Pretty rad!

Past experiences and true stories I’ve heard of drunk driving incidences motivated me to go online and make my pledge as soon as I got back to JUICE towers. Knowing that I might be in with a chance to be Mika Hakkinen’s co-pilot didn’t hurt either.

Pledge your promise to Join The Pact and ‘Never Drink And Drive’ at You could also be one of the lucky 5 to ride with Mika on the 12th and 13th of September at the Sepang circuit.

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