Johnnie Walker® presents The Knowledge In Association With JUICE: Hip Hop @ Pure Bar, Melaka

Text David Chin
Images Jehan Kamaluddin

If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile-so we laid down a five-mile road for them boys in Melaka when we dropped by. We loaded up with our DJs, their tracks and a lot of Johnnie Walker for another phat session of The Knowledge at Pure Bar, where the folks are anything but.

Hip hop was the genre of the session and since we don’t skimp when it comes to your education, we got darling of Malaysian hip hop DJ Fuzz of Teh Tarik Crew and Stylustiks and protégé, DJ R-Que, a Mixology DJ Academy alumnus to school you in what’s what in hip hop 101. So here’s how it went. Old-hand emcee Darenyo was hustling the crowd with his live-action lyrics and they took a good strong dose of R-Que warm-up sounds of old skool style r’n’b and hip hop. After the 12 o’clock mark, they let it all out with Fuzz on the wheels blasting out the beats of hip hop super commercials like Kanye, Pharrell, Fiddy and Timbaland. Choice of tracks aside, Fuzz ain’t at the top for nothing – scratching and juggling those records with his fingers like blurs in motion.

A headlining DJ luminary might’ve contributed to the attendance of KL faces at Pure Bar, but we’d like to think that Melaka’s scene is really coming up on its own. So, yet another vital lesson in music ended with a bang at 2am and we took to the road back to KL to plan our next guerrilla education session.

Johnnie Walker® presents The Knowledge in association with JUICE: Hip Hop dropped hot at Pure Bar, Melaka on Friday 25 January. For info, log onto or This report was published in the March 2008 issue of JUICE.