John Talabot: ƒin

Spanish producer John Tabalot recently released his first electro album, ƒIN, on 6 Feb 2012. He’s released 4 singles previously, ‘My Old School’ (2009), ‘Mathilda’s Dream’ (2010), ‘Sunshine’ (2010) and ‘Families’ (2011). If you haven’t listened to those tracks before, you should give this album a try.

And here’s why! This 11 track album will make you feel one of the two; relaxed with a little psychedelic experience or you’ll sway your body to the beat of the respected track. What we can guarantee is – you will not stay still when you listen to it; the rhythm commands you to move. The first track of the album, ‘Depak Ine’ (we think the title had something to do with the mood stabilizing drug, Depakine – go figure, eh?) is a 7 minute track and is the longest track from the entire LP. The rhythm, synths and frog croaks (yeah, you read that right – frog croaks) mix really well together.

Definitely one of JUICE recommended tracks of the album. What’s great about the album is that as each song progresses, even though the sounds vary, there’s still a flow in the story. Okay maybe we’re being too nice. There are two tracks that stick out like sore thumbs, ‘Journey’ (feat. Ekhi) and ‘So Will Be Now’ (feat. Pional). Maybe it’s because we just started to have a love affair with the tracks that didn’t have much vocals and these two come alone and try and serenade us with their voice… maybe.

LISTEN TO: ‘Depak Ine’, ‘Last Land’, ‘When The Past Was Present’
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