John Fassold Is Back With a Hilarious “How Every Drake Song Is Written” Video

Images Mark Peckmezian

Drake’s music has undergone so much change these past few years that we don’t know what is he capable of making next. Deemed as a “paragon of irrational male feelings” by Vulture, Drake (who also goes under the producer pseudonym Champagne Papi) carries the label of a rapper and meme-person ever since he came up with the Nineteen85 produced track Hotline Bling. Although the song came along with questionable dance moves and a music video that was hard to take on seriously, it didn’t stop Drake from a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song. Look, we love Drake but there’s no denying that the 6 God’s display of emotions are amusing and truthfully, quite extra. In an attempt to recreate the songwriting process that Drake probably goes through, YouTuber John Fassold – popularly known for his previous ‘How Every Chainsmokers Song Is Written’ video – took to the Internet again to teach us how to write songs like Drake. Not that we really need to know how to pen our emotions out into sing-type-rap, but trust in Fassold to give us an entertaining breakdown of how typical Drake songs are made.

Watch the video below to know how it’s done:

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