Joe’s Barbershop: Where Everybody Knows His Name

It looks like SS15 is the place for new businesses to feed urbanites now. Located on the same road as Yuna’s IAmJetFuel boutique and Subang Jaya’s famous mamak Darussalam lies Joe Flizzow’s Joe’s Barbershop. The neighbourhood is very close to Joe as he spent most of his time there when he was a teenager (and even now) and it was where Too Phat was born. Say whut?

Launched in January 2013, Joe had the idea of opening up a dry barbershop when he noticed people were demanding a cut from his own personal barbers. Especially Damis, who has been Joe’s barber for years and now a co-partner of the barbershop. At first, Joe offered hair cut services to international acts that came down to KL like Florida, Russell Peters and such. But soon, more people started using his barbers, so much so that Joe couldn’t even book his own appointments. That’s when Joe saw the market opportunity to open up a barbershop for whoever that is up for the latest street cuts, which prior to this was thought to not be popular here in Malaysia.

Though people might think “Ay, Joe is botak. Just shave only what.” It’s actually more than meets the eye when it comes to a good shave – both hair and facial. Joe’s Barbershop uses straight razors to achieve the best cut, which sets it apart from salons. Besides the basic cuts, the barbershop provides services like hair tattoos, corn rows, dreadlocks and dreadlocks-maintenance, hot towel shaving and their most popular cuts which are the pompadour, Flizzow Fade (if you wanna get the exact thinness of his cut), and the TMJ. What’s the TMJ? It’s the Tengku Mahkota Johor cut where men with a full beard would come in and whisper. “Boleh tak, TMJ?” Like, fo’ real.

With 2pac and Notorious B.I.G blaring from the speakers in the background, the barbershop was inspired by Frank’s Chop Shop in New York. The shop oozes out old school hip hop, which is a total new environment to get your hairdo. Well, for us Malaysians at least. Price ranges of haircuts start from RM20 to RM130. Joe’s Barbershop also sells L.A’s Suavecito pomade for RM58 and a variety of imported snapbacks that is anywhere from RM99 to RM189.

So hombres, get your a$$ up and hop on over to Joe’s Barbershop and get yourself a new do’ to please your lady. But if you ain’t got no lady, then you’ve been cutting your hair at the wrong barbershop.

Joe’s Barbershop is located at 18-G, Jalan SS15/8B, 47500 Subang Jaya. It opens from 11am to 11pm. For more information and updates, follow Joe’s Barbershop on Twitter and Instagram at @joes47500.