Joaquin Phoenix the Rapper?

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Joaquin Phoenix recently announced he’s quitting acting for a rap career. The whole world went “Huh?”. He turns up at David Letterman’s show and was locked into his ‘bearded rapper’ persona, instead of promoting his film. At the end of the interview, Letterman quipped, “Joaquin, sorry you couldn’t be here tonight” and the segment ended, Phoenix stood up to shake Letterman’s hand, raised up his sunglasses and looked Dave in the eyes, as if to say “I’m still here, thanks for playing along.”

So really now? Joaquin Phoenix the bearded rapper? Is this all a publicity stunt to gain more attention so the media won’t take him too seriously? Seriously, when is this Andy Kaufman art-comedy joke going to be over?

How bizarre. Hollywood is going nuts this year.

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