VIDEO: If You Missed It on NYE, Here’s Jin Hackman (W)rapping Up 2016

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source: Jin Hackman

Referencing anything from everything haram to Harambe, 2016’s edition of Jin Hackman’s annual ‘Rap Up’ was the perfect choice as the first music video produced by JUICE – one of hopefully many to come in 2017. If you missed it on Facebook on New Year’s Eve, we don’t blame you, we were getting ready to party our assess off too, so here is the video in all its HD glory on YouTube:

Lyrics below:

Wrap it up like Burrito,
Jimmy on the beat; throw it down like Akido,
No Mustard here,
Twenty-sixteen, what a year,
Tell me it wasn’t weird,
Guess who made the headlines again?
Jibby with the clown face, why is it him?
Always hogging the limelight,
Instead of cats like me that rhyme tight,
Man that ain’t right, (Anyways)
A Malayan tiger met his fate,
Crossing the east coast expressway,
But you only cared about Harambe,
Yeah I take shots but ain’t talking gunplay,
Times were rough, ain’t got money to blow,
Duit hantaran was short so punches were thrown,
Our best debater got barred from unis,
Meanwhile our country’s still run by loonies,
We was crushing on Yuna all year long,
But they still wanna nitpick,
She even curved Anderson Paak (yes lawd),
That’s a Faiz Subri free kick,
And what’s up with Facebook reactions?
All the kids dabbing but I ain’t trying to blast em,
They missed school, thanks to the heat wave,
More guns on the streets, we don’t feel safe,
Peeps acted crazy over Fareeda scarves,
The new KL logo almost made me barf,
Exciting, surprising, enticing,
Here’s another word that rhymes: UNINSPIRING.
An ostrich sprinted down Federal,
A human-looking goat, isn’t that incredible?
To all aspiring cyclists working hard,
Eyes on the prize unless it’s thirty bucks,
Dato Lee Chong Wei fought an epic battle,
Pandelela, Jun Hoong too won a silver medal,
But big ups to our unexpected heroes,
The para-athletes for taking home three golds,
More people in parks, wandering aimlessly,
Pokémon is cool, but watch where you headed b,
Roshan and gang soundtracked Kabali,
TREC is where it’s at if you like to party,
Praying for a concert cancellation, going all in,
Homegirl had to cover up, Selena Gomen,
The Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song was crack,
And we panicked over the absence of a headphone jack,
Cloakwork had the Hypebeast feature,
Jagat and Munafik won best picture,
Talitha said she’ll be “Okay”, so move along,
Everyone was a “Budak Flat” when the song came on,
The Butterfingers reunion lacked “Chemistry”,
Designer Sonny San passed on (Rest in peace),
Where was this Super Moon? Didn’t see it,
The Mannequin challenge, everybody did it,
Nora Danish wanted some tax exemptions,
So they blew up her Twitter mentions,
Annoying Chinese couple sentenced to jail,
One of the few times justice prevailed,
Ravers vs. hipsters, the ultimate showdown,
Then the skinheads joined in (that’s a bonus round!),
Be cool, stop hating on them youngins,
At least they’re passionate about something,
Song of the year was “MYVI”,
Why Coco gotta be so feisty?
Probably because she got a lot of mix,
As a matter of fact, let the shadow reflect,
Vitamin C if you want them gorgeous ‘pits,
On point like @hxsm comic strips,
Eagle statue (haram), Pretzel dog (haram),
Snapchat dog filter, sorry girls but (haram),
Dato Sheila Majid gave that long speech,
And all I could say in response was PREACH.
Jamal fucking Yunos – man of the hour,
Who else you know protest in a towel?
Last but not least, Donald Trump and Brexit,
U Mobile dissed Celcom, DiGi, Maxis,
And that’s it, 2016 in a nutshell,
And relax; none of us are going to hell,
Done dakwah.

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