Jessica Allan’s Freak Show

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We know a good design when we see one and Jessica Allan’s blogsite caught our attention immediately. It was her detailed illustrations that made us go ‘Wow!’ Her take on freaks and creeps are especially disturbing, but not too gory. Looking at it, you get sucked into her dream world, like when you’re high on art. Don’t worry, it’s not the Nightmare on Elm Street type of scary.

Using human relationships and emotions Jessica Allan-style, her style reminds us of Jakarta’s one and only Darbotz, except Jessica uses a female approach. Both illustrators use monsters as their subject matter, but Jessica uses more environment and colour in her work. She designs t-shirts along the same vein too.

This freelance illustrator from Shoreditch, London has had her work appear in Don’t Panic, Inside Out and Half a Pigeon, as well as being featured in Images 32 magazine. The artist typically uses a mix of screen prints, etchings and hand drawn imaginary as her medium to create those wicked skulls, mutants, lost limbs, freakish flame-like tongues. Yup, this is Sigmung Freud’s equivalent to a candy store.

Pretty and dark. Just how JUICE likes it. Go check out more at

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