I needed to get properly medicated in the afternoon that day. And the sight of the giant beer mug at the entrance of the Royal Selangor Pewter building was like ice-cream to Eric Cartman. Apparently, this was supposed to be a fun jelly-making session with Kahlua.

Soon, a couple of these were flung my way by a courteous bartender. It had been a while since I last had Kahlua. I always found Hawaiian-named drinks a bit cliched.

But nothing can describe the feeling of a Kahlua Mudslide on a Thursday afternoon (exactly the time when my mind wanders into Gonzo territory). It’s very smoothie-like. Kinda like the taste of a McFlurry Oreo. After 8 of these I was full and needed a nap.

But this is work Goddamn you! I woke up.

What is this piece of goo? It’s Kahlua-infused-jello. A new marvel in technology. We (the media) were invited to the Kahlua-Royal Selangor Jelly-Making Workshop to form our own jelly creations infused with Kahlua and formed in special moulds crafted by renowned British designer Nick Munro.

They gotta do something about the wobbling though. Isn’t this a pretty shot?

And the winning shot… Standing tall and proud like Mount Fuji…

I was properly medicated. Kahlua is stronger than wine at 20%. Yes, I was. And I was using new technology. I posted this from my head.

Here’s the last thing I saw.