Jay Reatard: Never Cut Your Hair

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At first glance, he looks like the singer of a 90s grunge band that never quit smoking pot. But long hair aside, Jay Reatard (aka Jimmy Lee Lindsey) is more garage punk than stoner metal. Jay has headed an extensive list of bands before going solo and he also scored his first European tour at age 18. Recording on an ancient 4-track, Sebadoh and Guided By Voices’ power pop comes to mind when listening to his lo-fi music. And if an artist’s merit is judged on his material, then Jay has pot loads of it. Even in his recent incarnation as a solo artist, he has already released 2 albums. Given the timing, Jay’s dirty, catchy, twee-inspired hooks are exactly what our monotonous beat-driven generation needs.

Listen to ‘It Ain’t Gonna Save Me’ (Matador) at www.myspace.com/jayreatard.


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