Jay Park, Hyuna, Triple H & More Announce Concert Date in KL

Date Sat, 15th Jul '17
Time 8pm
Venue Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon

Jay Park is someone who will make you question whether or not there’s anything he’s not capable of doing. He is a record producer, a model, a rapper, a dancer, an entrepreneur, an actor, a full-time character in many people’s fantasy, but despite wearing too many hats, he’s found time to perform a show in Kuala Lumpur with peers such as Hyuna, Triple H — no, not the wrestler (how fun would that be though?) — and DJ Wegun at Sunway Lagoon in July.

Tickets are divided into three sections; Cat 2 (Normal) is priced at RM142, Cat 1 (includes a limited edition light stick) retails at RM242, and lastly the Rock Zone (includes a limited edition light stick, a t-shirt, and a photo op with Hyuna, Jaypark, Triple H), which is being sold at RM342.

Watch Jay’s recent music video entitled ‘Hulk Hogan’ below:

Tickets are currently available for purchase here.