Jay Park, Hyuna, Triple H & More Announce Concert Date in KL

Jay Park is someone who will make you question whether or not there’s anything he’s not capable of doing. He is a record producer, a model, a rapper, a dancer, an entrepreneur, an actor, a full-time character in many people’s fantasy, but despite wearing too many hats, he’s found time to perform a show in Kuala Lumpur with peers such as Hyuna, Triple H — no, not the wrestler (how fun would that be though?) — and DJ Wegun at Sunway Lagoon in July.

Tickets are divided into three sections; Cat 2 (Normal) is priced at RM142, Cat 1 (includes a limited edition light stick) retails at RM242, and lastly the Rock Zone (includes a limited edition light stick, a t-shirt, and a photo op with Hyuna, Jaypark, Triple H), which is being sold at RM342.

Watch Jay’s recent music video entitled ‘Hulk Hogan’ below:

Tickets are currently available for purchase here.