LISTEN: Jasmine Sokko’s Second Single ‘H2O’ is Balladic Future Bass

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Singapore’s electronically inclined Jasmine Sokko made waves with her first single ‘1057’, a music festival-friendly anthem self-produced by herself and mixed by, surprisingly, left-leaning producer Yllis. While new track ‘H2O’ is still firmly rooted in pop – this can conceivably make it into radio charts – Yllis, co-producing this time around, and Sokko opt for a ballad. Still tinged in electronic music, the song is interspersed with bass drops despite the glacial melancholy of her words. Fitting, as it’s sonically reflecting the epiphany that gradually came into realisation throughout the song. As she puts it, “I have come to realise that there is nothing more dismal than living a life with blind optimism.”

Listen to it below:

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