Jamie Bamber Bares Skin for Peta

Battlestar Galactica‘s Jamie Barber is channeling his character of Lee “Apollo” Adama, helping to fight justice and look good doing it. Jamie decided to bare his skin in PETA’s newest ad campaign to save black bears that are killed for their fur.

A large number of black bears in Canada are shot and killed every year using a cruel practice called “bait and shoot”. The method has been banned in British Columbia and many US states. The fur is sent to the UK to be used to make caps for the Queen’s guards. Geez!

Bamber jumped at the chance to help when he learned how the bears are killed for the guards’ ceremonial caps. Hunters will put food in barrels or at “bait spots” to attract hungry bears, who are shot when they reach for the food. These intelligent and curious animals are often shot several times, and many escape wounded only to die later from blood loss, infection or starvation.

It takes an entire bear’s hide to make just one cap, and Jamie agrees with PETA and compassionate people worldwide that bear-baiting should be stopped, and that fake fur is the way to go. Hasn’t Buckingham Palace heard of faux fur?