James Zabiela’s Masters Series

James Zabiela is a tech house DJ from the UK who first gained fame in 2000 by winning Muzik Magazine’s Bedroom Bedlam competition followed by his tour through the US, Europe and Australia. He is also the co-founder of the record label Hearing Aid. He has had several wicked mixes that is played in the clubs all over the world. Recently however, James has decided to make a change.

James and Renaissance have joined forces to develop a very exciting, brand new concept to release their forthcoming album, the follow-up to last years critically acclaimed Masters Series.

In these challenging yet exciting times, media visionaries have developed dynamic ways of delivering music away from the traditional methods; Radiohead’s recent digital download scheme of ‘pay what you want’ for their In Rainbows album is probably the best example to date. James and Renaissance continue this trend as they release the sequel to his Masters Series with a dynamic and unique approach that’s primed to change the face of current compilations.

So what is it?

James is embarking on a headlining world tour from March 2010 to coincide with the album. At the club shows, this compilation will be given away for free to a majority, if not all, the music-lovers who have bought their regularly priced ticket to the event.

The album will be presented in a shrink-wrapped, full-colour wallet on a flexi-DVD that’s both eco-friendly (50% less carbon emissions) and lightweight (again, 50% less than standard CD/DVDs). Alongside the 2 mixes that comprise the compilation, the package will also feature two exclusive videos featuring a tour diary and making of the Masters Series, alongside custom screensavers, desktop wallpapers, icons and more!

The real magic of this concept is that the party-goers won’t have to pay more than a regularly priced club ticket for their entry where they will collect the free album. This is a point James and Renaissance felt passionately about so ensured it remained part of the concept.

James comments “A bit like my previous Masters Series this mix is another snapshot into life through my ears. Rather than make 2 distinct journeys (one home listening and one club) I tried to carry the theme of ‘life’ over the span of both mixes, this time blurring them together, making for a single soundscape. The fact we’re going to be distributing this mix in a unique way alongside traditional methods also makes this project all the more exciting for me to put together.”

The compilation will also be released in the traditional CD and digital formats affording people multiple options as to how they get their hands on a copy of what is sure to be one of dance music’s most eagerly anticipated projects in 2010!