He’s tipped to be the man who’ll take dubstep out of the underground dance circles and into the mainstream charts. To prove that, he’s already done remixes for Little Boots, Empire of the Sun, Frankmusik, Lily Allen, Coco Sumner, The Temper Trap and Ellie Goulding, with remixes for Audio Bullys, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and I Blame Coco in the can.

No use meandering anymore; please welcome 20 year old child prodigy and former band slut James Jacob (aka Jakwob). James has an uncanny ability to reinvent old songs with his own style that transcends genres, combining bits of dubstep, electro, ghetto tech and breakbeat. But Jakwob doesn’t want to just do covers; he’s released several of his own compositions and this year will see his debut album. If you need more proof of this man’s ability, then check out the arousing ‘Untitled’ Arab-step track on his MySpace-a sure sign that Jakwob will keep dubstep one huge shuffle ahead of the game.

Find your step at www.myspace.com/jakwob.