Jack White: Blunderbuss

After working with 3 bands (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather), Jack White just recently released his debut solo album, Blunderbuss to much critical acclaim. The album was released under his own label, Third Man Records on 23 April with 13 tracks that he wrote all in one session. This is the first time that he has ever done this and we can’t imagine how. Maybe writing songs for the ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ album for The White Stripes played a role. Who knows?

Jack stated that Blunderbuss is a record that he was holding off to make until now. He didn’t want to release songs under his name but this time around, the songs really represented him and could only be presented under his name. The album has its roots in White’s recordings with various artists including Tom Jones sees 2 singles being released — ‘Love Interruption’ and ‘Sixteen Saltines’. ‘Love Interruption’ having more of a classic blues feel to it while ‘Sixteen Saltines’ sounds very close to his work with The Raconteurs.

To get a little insight from the man himself, we’re presenting to you a special interview he recently had with sister site MSN Music. He talks about his album, the direction of his musical career and how he balances his live shows with the two backing bands that he has. One all male and one all female. We’re assuming that it’s the same all female band that appeared on his ‘Love Interruption’ music video.

View the interview here. Find out more about Jack White by logging on to his official site.