J.Crew Canoe Wool-Felt Hooded Pullover Jacket

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J-Crew is one of those brands that you might regard as basic. If someone wore something from J-Crew, no one is going to be disappointed nor impressed. It’s subtle, but of the ‘just okay’ variety — kind of like that ex-girlfriend you broke up with because you thought she was boring and she could never decide what to eat or was just lazy to dress up while your homie’s baes were all twerking and shit in the club. But after a few months, you discover now that your ex is fucking lit and dripping in hotness. J-Crew kind of did that with this release. All these other outerwear brands can suck it because we did not see this coming. Granted, it might be a little bit pricey, but guys, pockets are essential, have we not stressed that enough? And this jacket is covered with pockets from front to back, it even has a pocket on the collar! Now you can store your camera and power bank in the bottom left pocket, your phone in the bottom right with some chewing gum, coins and all that crap in the top right pocket, cigarettes and Zippo lighter on the top left pocket, and some happy herbs on the collar pocket. We’re really trying to justify the pockets here, honestly though, fashion doesn’t need to be practical.

Get this J Crew Canoe Wool-Felt Hooded Pullover Jacket from Mr. Porter here. 

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