Tumbling around in Tumblr, JUICE bumped into this wicked designer simply called ‘Itscallingme’. It was a domain England-born Adam Dedman registered 7 years ago named after a Tool song.

The 22 year old is in his final year of graphic design in University College Falmouth in Cornwall, England. On the sidelines, he works as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator and also developing his own screen-printing studio. Adam has worked with people like design t-shirt store Graniph, ‘Designers Against Tibetan Abuse’ book, artist Paul Paper’s ‘Could Be Me’ project and band Hypernova among others.

Sometimes designs don’t need an explanation or direction, so does Adam’s work. He doesn’t stick to one approach, but bounces around with different styles and overlaps them. He said, “I hope that all my work retains the same feel or sensibility underneath the visual style.” Design is endless!

Graphic design studio based in Sheffield, The Designers Republic (tDR) caught his attention while studying graphics in school and it led to Build and Universal Everything, who became a major influence on this Warp Records and Bjork fan. Adam also admire European graphic designers of Josef Müller-Brockmann, Otl Aicher, László Moholy-Nagy and Jan Tschichold. Young man’s got talent and we can’t wait to see what else he has to offer. Boom!

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