It’s A Mad Madworld After All

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Sick and tired of playing those babysitter games on your Wii? The ones where the only a$$ you get to kick are the silly little characters that your little sister finds cute? Now you can get a surreal dose of reality with Madworld, the latest Wii game that brings new meaning to the word “violence”.

The game is a gore fest. Developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega, this game encourages you to find new ways of murdering your opponents – like slamming poles on their heads, putting tyres over them and throwing them into a machine with spikes. You get the picture.

You play Jack, an ex-marine with a retractable chainsaw built into one arm, sent into Varrigan City to take out the “trash”. An evil corporation has taken over Varrigan City to showcase Death Watch, a reality TV show where unwilling contestants must fight to survive.

Taking notes from Sin City, the game scores high in the graphic department. Visually, there are 4 colours that make up Madworld’s universe – red, yellow, black and white. This minimal approach intensifies the Tom And Jerry-like violence, so if you’re the squeamish type, you have been forewarned!

With Wii games being tradionally cutesy and for all-ages, Madworld will mos def change the way gamers view the console.

Now, if we could only say the same about Dragonball Evolution.