Inventory of Bespoke Makers

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source: Ficus and Jars

Small businesses that focus on handmade items and craftsmanship in a market of mass production are springing up around town! Opportunely, the owners of Battery Acid Club are putting their cafe to good use as it’ll be a spot where all these creative entrepreneurs can converge together in a spirit of community and support. The two-day event will be held over the weekend, and this can be a chance for you to talk to the vendors about their crafts, the processes of making them, and such. Among the vendors that are participating are Ficus & Jars, Good Pair, Jeanie Botanicals, The Alphabet Press, Andfersand, A Soap Affair, Mossery, Mentega Pomade, and more.

Date Saturday 12 September – Sunday 13 September
Time 11am
Venue Battery Acid Club

More information on the event and the complete list of vendors  here

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