Invasian Magazine

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The graffiti community in Asia is growing fast and its widespread popularity in this art has spawned Invasian Magazine, Asia’s only magazine to comprehensively covers Asian graffiti and its culture.

Invasian Magazine aims to bring the finest of graffiti, events, music, culture and merchandise to further educate mainstream Asian masses about the fine art of graffiti. Their site states that: ‘The objective behind Invasian is simple: to strengthen the Asian graffiti community and to share the Asian culture with the rest of the world.’ Word.

Language isn’t a problem. Although produced in English and available in Europe and USA, Invasian Magazine is also translated in Chinese and Japanese for other territories. Plus there are plenty of visceral pix to transcend any mother tongue. “With a large uprising community in Asia and a huge interest group outside Asia, Invasian will give both sides an insight into the Asian world,” they say, and more power to them.

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