Introducing the Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition by Peter Saville

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There’s a special place in everyone’s hearts (read: liquor cabinets) when it comes to Hennessy. It’s been in production for over 200 years — and it’s definitely responsible for creating some of the best and unforgettable memories we’ve had (when enjoyed in moderation). For Hennessy’s 250th anniversary, the iconic cognac house has yet again collaborated with Factory Record’s co-founder Peter Saville – just in case our readers are not all ardent Britrock and new wave fans, he was the man responsible for designing album sleeves for Joy Division and New Order that have gone on to be considered iconic in the modern rock canon.

Of the new bottle, an expansion of the similarly empirically design of his previous ‘Genome’ bottle in 2014, Saville said this, “This dynamic composition of elements is the interpretation of the real, scientific data within the V.S.O.P blend. The 2015 Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition shows what V.S.O.P would look like if we were able to stand inside the very structure of the Cognac’s blend. What one immediately observes is that there is a very constructivist connotation to the V.S.O.P blend; its material properties and its large presence both come into play.”

In layman’s terms, the design of the new bottle takes its cue from what a microscopic view of the Cognac’s molecular structures would look like. Through extrapolating that imagery via a topographic virtual environment, Saville ascertained a colour palette informed by the distillation process; a red/orange amalgam and the “chemical bright” blue inspired by the verdigris borne of atmospheric oxidation. The result is a striking bottle, a fitting science-informed aesthetic to match Hennessy’s equally scientific blend of smooth cognac.

Check out the bottle that reflects Hennessy’s texture and colour via a chromatographic treatment below:

   150108-HENNESSY-VSOPEditionLimitee2015-03-CoffretFermeDeluxe-retoucheD VSOP LED 2015 (Native) [MHISWF099589 Revision-1]

Available for sale this Holiday season at selected participating outlets – genuine Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition bottle will be marked with a number attesting to its authenticity.

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