Introducing Jagjaguwar’s newest signing, Foxygen!

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Jagjaguwar’s newest signing introduces Foxygen, the Olympia, WA-meets-NYC two man band with tunes that can’t help but to bring you back to the good ol’ days. Translating the rhythms of songwriting duo Sam France (vocals, Olympia, Wash., 22 years old) and Jonathan Rado (guitar/keyboards, NYC 22) is like attempting to figure out an abstract painting; there’s something about it that catches your eye, well, ear in this case, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it.

Set to release their new EP debut album Take the Kids Off Broadway on 24 July featuring just seven insanely catchy tracks, Foxygen will surprise you with their ingenuously trippy compositions. Once you think you’ve got your head wrapped around the acoustic and calming introduction of ‘Abandon My Toys’, a sudden jolt of Kink- like screaming vocals speeds up the pace and leaves you confused but hooked till the end of the track.

The duo play mix and match with genres such as rock n roll clashed with psych and lo and behold, a pinch of jazz? Makes sense? As we mentioned, their stuff is inexplicable. They’re profoundly edgy, refreshing, confusing, eclectic, a positive and a negative, Bowie, The Rolling Stones all in one with one definite result: addictive tracks.

So let’s open up our minds and leave Foxygen to paint our musical canvas!

Check out first single off the EP ‘Make It Known’ below. For more off Jagjaguwar’s signees, click here.

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