Introducing Hurts

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Get ready to feel that melancholic 80s vibe when you listen to this newcomer Hurts to the UK electro pop scene. This Manchester duo consists of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson released their first single ‘Better Than Love’ recently and is now touring around UK and Europe for the summer. Hurts does not represent the neon culture of the 80s that we all know and love, but the gray side of it, which says a lot in their music.

The stylish European discovered ‘disco-lento’, which is a form of slow disco on an Italy trip just last year and voila! Hurts’ music can be described as flipping the NRG disco sound to make it more ballad-driven with deep intricate lyrics. Singer Theo and synth player Adam are reliving the Italian ‘Lento Doroso’ movement, which means ‘slow disco’. It’s a term by Italian electronic act Courtney & Grace’s manager Marco Gilles in 1991 which reflects music that is heavy on electronic, emotional slow tempo with synthesisers and drum machines.

Hurts’ debut album Happiness will drop in September, which features a duet with pop princess Kylie Minogue. With looks that could possibly be on the cover of Vogue Homme with slick sounds, get ready to be moved by their music and be transported back to the 80s in black and white.

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Image Sony Music