Into the Mix with Stööki Sound

UK duo Jelacee and DJ Lukey make up the music facet of the Stööki ‘lifestyle’, which encompasses Sound, Vision, and Play (or music, art, and fashion). Coming from the London scene, you’d be forgiven to think they churn out either UK bass or grime (and they did grow up on a diet of grime, being UK lads and all), however, these two are keener on melding American hip hop and trap with the soundscape of the downcast city – so much so that they’ve collaborated with renowned names in all those genres. Just listen to their edit of Stormzy’s ‘Know Me From’, wherein they’d replaced its original grime instrumental with the beat for Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ – a combination true to their ethos of bridging the gap between grime and US rap. Playing live in Kuala Lumpur at hidden venue Skullduggery on Saturday 17 September, Stööki Sound will be joined by supporting acts H3 and DJ Vin.

Listen to the aforementioned edit below:

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